Featured image: screenshot from first video assigned


2017 To understand Steve Bannon, you need to watch three of his movies, Adam Freedlander, Quartz Media, 8:45 minutes. Click to access Quartz article and video link

usefulness: You live in the USA.

2016 INDEPENDENT LENS Birth of a Movement: PBS Documentary 2017, Published on Feb 9, 57 minutes. Click to watch on YouTube

usefulness: race/gender/class/cultural codes if the Entertainment Industrial Complex. While the 2 interwoven biographies are interesting, screen for origins of today’s Hollywood visual codes and practices. Ask yourself, are there contemporary variants of the early 20th C, evangelical cinematic reproductions of Age of Reason biodeterminism.

1998 (highly recommended) “The Re-Birth of the Aesthetic in Cinema,” in Cylde TAYLOR, The Mask of Art, 103-23.

usefulness: media studies major/minor must read before semester’s end.

2017 Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes Steve Bannon, teleSUR English, published on Mar 14, 26 minutes. Click to watch on YouTube

usefulness: ontological, political and cultural values of current USA administration (what you’re living)


2013 How To Make Your Videos Go VIRAL – Unexpected Little Tip, Gideon Shalwich, published Aug 9, first 3:46 minutes of 5:48. Click to watch on YouTube

usefulness: compare definition of awe Bet-David

2013 Girl Learns to Dance in a Year (TIME LAPSE), karenxcheng, 1:50 minutes. Click to watch on YouTube

DANCER’s ARTICLE 10 ways to make your video go viral, Karen X Cheng, Medium, Jul 31, 2013. Click to access article

2016 How to Make Your Content Go Viral, Entrepreneur Network/Patrick Bet-David, Apr 31, 56:31 minutes. Click to watch on YouTube

usefulness: his assertion mass media rests, primarily, on controversy/change/conflict and his 26 Steps can serve as springboard for discussion of counter-hegemonic video production (i.e. use or not use of humor/animation/emotion/color/influencer/etc). Also need to discuss the oft-used phrase: “This has never happened before.”

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