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Public-Inaccessible Class Resources

Please email (not case sensitive) if these materials become free online! 1991 Art of Darkness, Part 1 – David Dabydeen, 1991, 32 minutes. 2015 Sugar Coated, Michèle Hozer & Roxana Spicer, 57:28 minutes. treat like law case 2004 Le Malentendu Colonial [The Colonial Misunderstanding], Jean-Marle TENO, Cameroon, 73 […]

DIY Weekly Theme (Week Eight)

Featured image: screenshot from second video assigned SPREADING DEMOCRACY: YOUR PRESIDENT JUST BOMBED SYRIA (not a theme, just a point) Craft a weekly theme. 2016 The Occupation of the American Mind: Isreal’s Public Relations War in the United States, Jason YOUNG, Jeremy EARP, Loretta ALPER, Sut JHALLY, Media Education […]

DIY Weekly Theme (Week Six)

Featured image: screenshot from first video assigned 2013 Obey, Temujin Doran, Published on Feb 24, 52 minutes. Click to watch on Vimeo 2004 Fahrenheit 9/11, Micheal Moore, 122 minutes. 2014 “Irreconcilable Anti-Blackness and Police Violence w/ Frank Wilderson,” IMIXWHATILIKE, Uploaded on Oct 1, 76 minutes. Click to access […]