DIY Weekly Theme (Week Six)

Featured image: screenshot from first video assigned

2013 Obey, Temujin Doran, Published on Feb 24, 52 minutes. Click to watch on Vimeo

2004 Fahrenheit 9/11, Micheal Moore, 122 minutes.

2014 “Irreconcilable Anti-Blackness and Police Violence w/ Frank Wilderson,” IMIXWHATILIKE, Uploaded on Oct 1, 76 minutes. Click to access interview (audio)


For each film and podcast, list 3 key formal/rhetorical observations and 3 key theoretical concepts that demonstrate your grasp over the film/podcast’s main arguments and stylistic choices, as they relate to the contemporary evolution of ISODs. 

Remember to be specific! The set of 6 key observations and concepts should be unique to each material.

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