WMDs: Cinema Against War, Imperialism, and Corporate Power

Featured image: Made in the USA by Dáreece J. Walker, 2015, 3 x 7 ft. cardboard.

Class description:

Advocate for human rights and justice by creating documentary films (weapons for mind decolonization) calling for a paradigm shift through visual narratives effectively silenced by commercial mass media and post-9/11 nationalism.  Following the 2016 US Presidential election, this study of visual culture and theories of representation is for global villagers eager to raise their historical awareness, deconstruct the rhetoric of power elites, debunk the conceits of imperialism, and dismantle the deceits of transnational corporations. Course promotes active spectatorship, courage as the antidote to fear, and anti-war activism (see: http://costofwar.com/index.html)

Requirements: your humanity and recognition of dissent as a constitutional right.

Final: production and upload of a counter-hegemonic media project.

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The class of Spring 2017 hosted Dr. Frank Wilderson, author of Incognegro and interviewee in the podcast “Irreconcilable Anti-Blackness and Police Violence w Dr. Frankwilderson.” Click to watch the video or read the transcript of the lecture.