Irreconcilable Anti-Blackness: A Conversation With Dr. Frank Wilderson III

On April 19th, Dr. Frank Wilderson gave a lecture in Rose Hills theater at Pomona College (Claremont, CA). Students from WMDs: Cinema Against War, Imperialism, and Corporate Power organized the event. Sarahann Latimer Kolder recorded and edited the video.


  1. Introduction 
  2. Dr. Frank Wilderson ((00:03:10) – (00:43:30))
    1. Introduction (00:03:10)
    2. Lecture (00:05:50)
  3. Q & A
    1. (00:43:35) Question: ‘Integrity of Gender’ and ‘Black People as Currency’
    2. (00:52:06) Question: ‘Anti-Blackness’ and ‘Activism’
    3. (00:58:20) Question: “I am human too”
    4. (01:09:00) Question: ‘Complacency and Belonging’
    5. (01:16:50) Question: ‘Temporal Irreconcilability’ and ‘Fugitivity’
    6. (01:26:10) Question: ‘Rehabilitation of ‘Human’’ and ‘Social Death’
    7. (01:34:00) Question: ‘White Women in Power,’ ‘Structural Analysis of Gender’ and ‘Explanation’

Click to view transcript

For more information, click to listen to Dr. Wilderson’s interview with The Killer Bs on police violence within the context of anti-Blackness

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