Public-Inaccessible Class Resources

Please email (not case sensitive) if these materials become free online!

1991 Art of Darkness, Part 1 – David Dabydeen, 1991, 32 minutes.

2015 Sugar Coated, Michèle Hozer & Roxana Spicer, 57:28 minutes. treat like law case

2004 Le Malentendu Colonial [The Colonial Misunderstanding], Jean-Marle TENO, Cameroon, 73 minutes, in French, German, and English.

2014 Brand New You, Katherine SENDER, 53 minutes.

2003 Race: The Power of an Illusion, Episode 2 — The Story We Tell, Tracy Heather Strain, PBS, 2003, 55 minutes.

1995 WEB Du Bois: A Biography In Four Voices, Louis MASSIAH (Producer/Director) And (4 Writers/Narrators) Wesley BROWN, Thulani DAVIS, Toni Cade BAMBARA, & Amiri BARAKA. 116 minutes.

2004 Fahrenheit 9/11, Micheal Moore, 122 minutes.

1998 “The Re-Birth of the Aesthetic in Cinema,” in Cylde TAYLOR, The Mask of Art, 103-23.

2016 The Occupation of the American Mind: Isreal’s Public Relations War in the United States, Jason YOUNG, Jeremy EARP, Loretta ALPER, Sut JHALLY, Media Education Foundation, 85 minutes.

2010 Mean World Syndrome: Media Violence & the Cultivation of Fear, 51 minutes.

1995 Ian Haney-Lopez, “White by Law: The Legal Construction of Race,” in Critical Race Theory: The Cutting Edge (Temple University Press): 542-549.

1997 “Introduction,” Representation and the Media, featuring Stuart Hall, Sut Jhally, Media Education Foundation.

Items taken from Weekly Syllabi from Spring 2017 WMDs: Cinema Against War, Imperialism, and Corporate Power

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